Like many other sports the earlier you get into the sport the, the bigger your advantage is as you will be spotted by teams and sponsors. 

1.Go Karting

  • Rent a kart and try it out a few times to see if its for you and if you actually enjoy it-while racing sounds fun its not always for everybody
  • If you really enjoy it, pursue it and get your own proper kart and start taking it seriously-if you like karting on small tracks move up to the bigger tracks

2. Try using a proper car

  • Go to a quality racing class to learn about racing and maybe get a few tips from the pro’s-your local race track is most likely to have some classes so why not go
  • Practice a lot in that car! -The best way to get better is by learning about how your car handles


3.Start competing with Race Cars

  • Sign up with your local sports car club-to start competing with cars rather than karts you need to have joined a club
  • Get a race car for yourself-you don’t have to go all out as its your 1stcar you don’t need it all just get a professional to perform a pre purchase inspection of the car and then go for it
  • Get your self the necessary safety equipment and gear-purchase everything you think you need as it’s the most important
  • Start racing- start competing in events and gain tips from other racers
  • Get your competition license-sign up and receive it!


4.Perfect your racing

  • Practice daily-if you want to be a professional you should practice at least five times a week so it becomes a second nature
  • Study other race car drivers-in addition to practicing you should watch others to see how they race and incorporate some new ideas
  • Take advanced race classes-eve when you think your good you can always get better and push yourself further
  • Workout-its common for people to think that race car drivers aren’t athletes but racing is an endurance sport so focus on stamina

5.Go professional

  • Get a sponsor or a team-once you start having success at racing its time to look a for a team or sponsor
  • Get a mechanic-hire a mechanic to join you at races. They’ll help with tweaking your car and fixing problems
  • Sign up for big races-once you’ve gained a reputation and got a sponsor and/or team your ready