Cleantech East release a quarterly E-Magazine to highlight recent developments in clean technologies and low carbon innovations. 

Previous Cleantech East E-Magazines can be found below. 

Cleantech East March 2019 E-Magazine: Issue 06

For Cleantech East’s February issue, we look at the Circular Economy and businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk that are implementing this approach to their business. The Circular Economy is all about considering the full life cycle of all your products and there are some fantastic businesses in the east that do this!

Cleantech East July 2018 E-Magazine: Issue 05

For Cleantech East’s October issue, we focus on the theme of green businesses. The issue presents the strategies and innovative technologies that our local companies are using in order to reap the benefits of greening their businesses. 

Cleantech East July 2018 E-Magazine: Issue 04

For Cleantech East’s July issue, we focus on the themes of Clean Growth. The issue presents new ideas and innovations that our local companies are creating in order to facilitate clean growth, as well as highlighting key themes that will be covered in our upcoming Cleantech Conference: Driving Clean Growth in Septermber 2018.

Cleantech East April 2018 E-Magazine: Issue 03

For Cleantech East’s April issue, we explore the link between smart technology and clean technology. 

Cleantech East January 2017 E-Magazine: Issue 02

For Cleantech East’s December issue, there is a focus on low carbon and next-generation transport. This follows the theme of Cleantech East’s ‘Futuristic Transport’ event in March 2018.

Cleantech East October 2017 E-Magazine: Issue 01 

The first Cleantech East E-Magazine, offering an overview of Cleantech both locally and globally.