What does the future hold for transport?

by Sep 29, 2017Energy, Event, Transport


What are low carbon transport solutions for remote locations? How can we provide a sustainable and reliable transport system to rural locations which can allow people to both move freely and reduce emissions?

Reliable and efficient transport in a rural setting such as New Anglia is vital. However, transport is responsible for 23% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. With petrol and diesel-powered cars set to be banned in 2040 due to these emissions, the transition towards low carbon transport is inevitable. Next generation vehicles will have direct benefits on air and noise quality, and will counterbalance our reliance on imported oil and gas.

New generation vehicles refer to a range of vehicles termed as Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs). Likely powered electrically or with hybrid engines, cars will literally be plugged in to gain power. However, what if cars could drive themselves? Autonomous vehicles (self-driving) are no longer an unthinkable suggestion, instead having the potential to offer a more efficient and safer way to travel.

Developing a low carbon transport alternative to petrol and diesel fueled cars which is also affordable and innovative is certainly a challenge.  However, New Anglia’s thriving engineering cluster are already working on the development of future generation vehicles for the region, as well as nationally. The automotive heritage and knowledge left by Lotus has remained in New Anglia and, with this, there is an abundance of private and academic sector players with expertise in the field.

Futuristic Transport will be the theme of Cleantech East’s next event, which will identify the challenges facing transport and how our innovative technologies can offer solutions to these challenges.

“Futuristic Transport” will hear from local SMEs, large organisations, and the region’s public sector all working towards a better connected transport system.

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