The Importance of Cleantech Clusters

by Nov 21, 2017Cleantech, Cluster, Energy, Hub, Policy, Research, Smart, Technology


Forming clusters for the emerging cleantech sector is vital for its progression. Clusters bring together innovators and businesses to take research into production. It must be realised that clusters are imperative if we are to pilot clean growth.

Clusters bring together innovators and businesses, these are valuable for the emerging Cleantech sector as they facilitate collaboration, and, for the cleantech sector to grow, cross-sector collaboration amongst innovators is crucial. It allows innovators to exchange knowledge, take their research to production and share best practice.


Clusters can be referred to as ‘innovation ecosystems’ due to their ability to form communities and care for and incubate start-ups and SME’s during their earliest stages. Much like an ecosystem, clusters provide beneficial goods and services as a result. Clusters encourage these start-ups and SME’s to develop and launch into success.


Cleantech clusters through hubs promote the growth of cleantech businesses. The offer of low-cost physical hubs for innovation and the commensuration of research must be developed in Norfolk and Suffolk to support and encourage growth. Clusters can form in these hubs, with physical space being the vital step in growing new businesses.

Globally, cleantech clusters are not a new concept, in fact there have been an explosion of cleantech clusters forming. Clusters based in Europe include the Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, Berlin’s Cleantech Business Park (CBP) and Cleantech Finland. These cleantech clusters, among others, are enabling the growth of the cleantech sector and piloting its development forwards. These pose the promise to accelerate clean growth, job creation and the next generation of sustainable technologies, which are imperative for our greener future.


Our research continued…

We have been mapping cluster strengths for the cleantech sector globally and nationally to contrast the developments with Norfolk and Suffolk’s existing strengths. This has been summarised within our Cluster Growth Strategy for Cleantech & The Clean Economy in New Anglia.  Within this report we have identified the core areas which we must focus on for improvement and development in order to establish New Anglia as a Cleantech Cluster of vital signficiance for the UK’s clean growth.

We have recognised the potential for the region to pilot our cleantech sector forwards and it is imperative that we support this emerging sector now during its early stages.


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