In a new deal between the UK government and the wind industry, 30% of electricity will come from offshore with by 2030.

This comes as Norfolk and Suffolk have been named as the UK’s leading centre for offshore wind. The further development of the Norfolk and Suffolk Offshore Wind Cluster is expected to bring in thousands of new jobs coming up to 2030, according to Doug Field, Chair of the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, up to 6,000 people could be employed with the sector in the region by 2032.

Currently Norfolk and Suffolk’s wind power are responsible for 52% of the UK’s current 7.5GW installed capacity. With the further development of the cluster this could rise to 14.5GW, delivering 50% of the government’s target for 2030.

This approach is part of a three-pronged energy policy for 2030 where 30% of the UK’s energy will come from wind, 30% from nuclear and 30% from gas. As well as developments on the Norfolk and Suffolk coast there will also be wind farm expansions off Scotland and the Isle of White.