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In March 2018 Cleantech East organised the Futuristic Transport Conference- A Low Carbon Vehicles event – in conjunction with the UEA.

Our various challenges in transport, both locally and further afield, were discussed and possible solutions explored. Various businesses and organisations came together to highlight the need for a low carbon future in our transport system. 


Overcrowding on transport systems is a worldwide issue. Trains into London are on average over capacity by 5% and the average British motorist spends a fifth of their daily commute at traffic lights. As the world’s population continues to rise, there is an increasing need for innovative solutions to relieve pressure on transport systems. With greater efficiency, carbon emissions can be minimised too, and quality of life improved for people travelling.

Such a solution may be found in using technology from other sectors. As technology plays an increasing role in our daily lives, artificial intelligence can be used to understand transport patterns and create informed decisions about our travel routes and times, reducing congestion and carbon emissions from transport.

Axon Vibe, who spoke at Futuristic Transport, are building a real-time location context platform, which will anticipate human behaviour and provide users with the most relevant actions, changing their transport decisions and reducing pressure on transport systems.

Cleantech East’s ‘Futuristic Transport’ event took place on Wednesday 21st March at the UEA Enterprise Centre and explored our current transport challenges and possible future solutions. Reducing carbon emissions is a particularly important issue, as 23% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions are due to transport. Several solutions were discussed by our speakers at the event, such as artificial intelligence, changes to internal combustion engines and Electric Vehicles (EVs).

In the Press

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Our next big event will be the Cleantech Conference July 2018!

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