TL;DR Benchmark how green your business is and receive your results via email. Find out how to improve your results at our How Green is your Business workshop at our Driving Clean Growth conference on 3rd September at UEA Enterprise Centre.

As part of Cleantech East’s upcoming conference: Driving Clean Growth, we shall be introducing businesses to Green Benchmarks

These forms will allow individuals to easily identify which areas within the business are operating poorly and require immediate attention. The benchmark form, which can be found below and will take approximately two minutes to fill in, is divided over 5 sections:

  • Staff behaviour
  • Products, Processes and Services
  • Performance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Innovation

By identifying which sections are performing inefficiently, Cleantech East will then be able to provide personalised business support to you to overcome these difficulties and help you realise your green potential.

This benchmark is one of the benchmarks you shall be introduced to at the Driving Clean Growth conference, organised in conjunction with the UEA. It will be held at the UEA Enterprise Centre on September 3rd. Attending this event will provide you with access to the tools and strategies needed to Green your Business, as well as a range of public sector and business perspectives on how to facilitate clean growth in the East of England.