The Network

What is Cleantech East?

The Cleantech East network is a sector network bringing together students, businesses and researchers to encourage innovation and knowledge transfer, facilitating the transition towards a circular economy within the East.

What is Cleantech East working towards?


A circular economy involves the development of innovative business models which can grow the economy through social capital and connecting local potential. We hope to grow the circular economy in the East of England.

Clean Tech East works with:


Develop your businesses and your supply chain by working in collaboration with like minded people. Build your personal network and help to shape the future of Clean Tech in East Anglia.


Becoming a student member of Clean Tech East gives you access to amazing resources and opportunities. Student Members get the chance to contribute to one of the fastest growing networks in the UK and opportunities to meet and learn from sector leaders.


Clean Tech East Works with Researchers and Research Institutes to stay at the cutting edge of research and policy.

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